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glitched helvetica. Making a 'perfect' typeface slightly imperfect. I see this as clear information being distorted, changed and manipulated by digital technological means. Once a handmade typeface is digitally corrupted. I'm going to experiment with this, maybe create a typeface around this. It even could be made into the project's main logo/title.

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The day you've been waiting for is here! You may now purchase My Favorite Things January Release ! You can find all the spankin' ne...

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Vitamin C in Horseradish helps alleviate viral infections by boosting immunity. The root has many phyto-chemicals with anti-oxidant & detoxification functions. Glucosinolates compounds in the roots & leaves can increase the liver's ability to detoxify carcinogens & may suppress existing tumor growth. It has proven effective against infection, bacteria & fungi & destroys bacteria that causes bronchitis & urinary tract infections. Juice from the root helps clear sinuses & ease sinus…

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9 Color Lokai Bracelet Mud Dead Sea Water MT Everest Silicone size S M L XL #Bangle All 9 colors size medium please

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TOP 10 Countries for Watching Nesting Sea Turtles

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20 Clean Web Design Inspiration 2015

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Who does not want to have beautiful looking clear skin? If I tell you a secret all natural recipe to have clear skin, will you not try it? ...

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MIXING INSULIN. Important to remember which you draw up first. Remember draw up CLEAR before CLOUDY. Trust me. Remember this!

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15780759_593521030832213_1578481990079880129_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 460 × 724 pixels) - Scaled (94%)

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SMUDGING PRAYER Parchment Book of Shadows Page or Poster

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50 Of The Best Email Marketing Designs We've Ever Seen (And How You Can Create One Just As Good

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Use clear balloons for centerpieces and it will create an AWESOME under the sea vibe for your quinceanera :)

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