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Dough balls, very identical to Pizza Express dough balls!! Baked them this evening and they were gorgeous. The Key is not to overbake as they will just end up being mini bread rolls rather than doughy lovely garlicy deliciousness!


Classic Fried Dough. It's the most popular and greasy pizza in Italy! Fried dough is usually sold as street food but is sometimes included in the menu of fancy restaurants. Get your fix of fried dough in the comfort of your own home.


Soft fluffy, pizza doughballs- the ideal party snack for kids and adults. Serve it with some home made marinara or cheesy dip and these dough balls will win your guests.


It's pretty versatile and easy, I usually add garlic salt and rosemary to the dough itself. Put the doughballs into the oven so it rises for an hour, take it out and punch it. Roll it into a ball again and repeat one or two more times!