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CHINA may well become the Economic POWERHOUSE, if not the SUPERPOWER, of the 21st Century. It is also a fact that China is the most populous Nation on this Planet with some one quarter of the Humankind (1 in EVERY 4 PERSONS) being Chinese. As such, there is more than one reason to motivate a person to invest in learning Chinese – not least being able to communicate with some one quarter of the population of Planet Earth. MORE at:

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An Explanation of the Earth’s Size and How the Planet Came to Exist

Courtesy of Planet Earth II ( David Attenborough's new tv series) this is a viscacha enjoying the sun's warmth.

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Get an Incredible 360-Degree View Behind the Scenes of the BBC’s New Series Planet Earth II

An Incredible 360-Degree Look Behind the Scenes of Planet Earth II #ITBusinessConsultants

Goddess Shakti... The divine feminine power who is one half of Lord Shiva and is responsible for the manifestation of all mattter and energy in the universe. Shiva is latent energy, the potential source of all cosmic powers. Shakti is dynamic force which releases and converts the energy to matter and the elements. Lord Brahma took the elements and created the planet Earth and all its species. Shiva alongwith Shakti wield the greatest power. Lord Vishnu is the presever and protector…

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Check Out These Cool Behind-The-Scenes 360 Videos of Planet Earth II

A decade ago, Planet Earth rocked the world as one of the most beautifully shot and produced nature documentaries. You've probably seen that BBC, David Attenborough, and team are back again with Planet Earth II, premiering tomorrow, November