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from Brookstone

Metro Vac Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

METROPOLITAN VACUUM CLEANER CO VAC N BLO JR. VACBLOWER 500 WATT POWER watts of power with a new state of the art fan enclosed motor volts at amps). I HAVE TO GET A COUPLE OF THESE WITH THE MESSES MY BOYS MAKE.... CHECK IT OUT

Animal Planet - Help Us Stop The Illegal Dog Meat Trade in South Korea, China and Vietnam. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE Each of us has a choice, to play the silent witness, act as an accomplice, or to choose every day to act and defend the right to life that is given to all sentient beings. The latter is the stance we choose to take, and we ask that you please stand with us. South Korea continues to support and permit...


I got it when you said i placed an order...isn't it dazzlingly cooool! Is this the one you were referring to?! Whatever it is this one is a beauty!:-) i used to drive a sedan earlier(ford ikon) & (Honda city) drove only once,never really got a chance to drive it and dont think will get it ...and very rarely get the chance to drive Hyundai i 20 (replaced this for ikon)on need basis ( here)


Astronaut Edward White floats in zero gravity of space northeast of Hawaii, during the first-ever spacewalk for an American, on June 3, 1965, during the flight of Gemini IV. (NASA/JSC/ASU) I want to be this man. He was so lucky to be up there.