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Plank Challenge App

30 Day Beach Body Challenge

This 30 day beach body workout challenge has been designed as a total body workout which will get you looking hot and beach ready! The routine has 2 ...

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Working on my core strength. One day at a time. I’ve completed Day 2 of the 30 Day Plank Challenge app. Join me and download the app at #zensah #withoutlimitz #xc #running #fitlife #teamzensah #athlete #30dayplankchallenge #8ja #brandambassador

30 day plank challenge.... send this to your buddy!

Esto lo sentirás mañana! PLANK CHALLENGE Series de Plank invertidos: De izquiera a derecha empezando arriba: 1️⃣ Coloca tus manos con los dedos apuntando hacia adelante. Mirada al cielo, aprieta pompis, piernas y barriga. 10 repeticiones con cada pierna. 2️⃣ 15 repeticiones. 3️⃣ 10 reps con cada pierna. 4️⃣ 10 reps con cada pierna 5️⃣ 4 vueltas con cada pierna 4 veces. 6️⃣ 19 reps con cada pierna. Principiantes 2 series, intermedios 3 y avanzados 4. TIPS: ✔️ Pon tu música favorita....

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Going to try these- " Frogger Swivels- start in a high plank. Bring one knee forward while twisting to meet the outside of the opposite knee. Repeat on other side then jump both feet forward to the outside of your hands and back out to a strong plank."

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This year, I’m trying to make things as simple as possible. I want a great workout with great results and I want it fast. I’ve made a goal to get one productive thing done each day and…

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39 Quick Workouts Everyone Needs In Their Daily Routine

Discover the top 5 cheapest treadmills for your home exercise. Using a treadmill is the perfect workout exercises to keep fit during winter, right from your home while watching TV or listening to music, or simply enjoying the outside view.

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Get Amazing Arms With These Advanced Yoga Poses

Advanced Yoga poses for amazing arms. I disagree with the site though. These should really be done around an instructor so you dont hurt yourself.

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