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Plant Parts Flip Book

Have students cut and paste to create a plant flip book! Students practice identifying the parts of plants and their respective jobs in helping the plant to grow.

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Celebrate Earth Day with this worksheets! Label the parts of the plant shown in the picture and tell what each part does to keep the plant alive.

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FREE!!! Plant Parts: Your students will love this hands-on plants interactive notebook activity. The students will color and cut out a "lift the flaps" books and attach it to their interactive notebooks. Two sets of plant part descriptions are provided. One set is for novice learners, and the other set is more descriptive. Students can cut and paste the descriptions under the correct plant part, or they can write their own description.

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This assessment could be used as a pre-test, quiz, or summative evaluation for a primary grade plant unit. It covers the basic life needs of plants and the plant parts and their functions.

Parts of a Plant Booklet NYS Langauge Arts Grade 4: Informational Text 4.RIT.2 Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details; summarizing the text. Students will use their grade four textbooks and draw information on this topic from the text.