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13 Home Remedies To Remove Dental Plaque & Tartar Naturally

While they may not be something you think about every day, your teeth should be important to you. Not brushing your teeth well or regularly can lead to gross plaque buildup, bad breath, and even dangerous gum diseases. So why is plaque such a big deal? Everyone talks about plaque and how dealing with it is such a major component of proper dental health,… [read more]


Home remedies to remove plaque and tartar

Due to a continual accumulation of minerals on the teeth and gum line, a soft and sticky deposit will appear and bother your teeth.See how to get rid of it!


Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser with Plaque Remover

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How to get rid of tartar at home without going to the dentist -

images-1-1 THIS Can Even Whiten EXTREMELY Yellow Teeth and Remove That Nasty Plaque and Tartar Buildup

15 Amazing Home Remedies To Remove Tartar & Plaque From Teeth

Tartar is a yellowish brown calcified material formed on the surface of teeth. Check out these effective home remedies for removing tartar and preventing it from growing further

Mouthwash widely recommended by dentists as an essential part of your oral health routine but recent studies hint that it may be doing more harm than good. Studies show that the regular use of alcohol-based mouthwash may lead to mouth cancer, which can affect the tongue, the floor of the mouth, the gums and the …

15 Amazing Home Remedies To Remove Tartar & Plaque From Teeth