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A sculptural concentration based on abstract representations of landscapes and natural elements in carved plaster. These works are not based on direct elements of the landscapes such as leaves. Instead they are based on the general forms and shapes of that landscape, the creatures that live there, and the feelings invoked by the landscape or element of nature.

Art by SUE LAW - 'The Life and Death of a Relationship' 2007. This life sized bed has the impressions from a pair of lovers sleeping together. This is one stage of 10 different pieces showing the stages of a relationship from the positions of the lovers in bed. Plaster, Blankets, Sheets, Wood.

Reminds me of ruined buildings where you can see the lines and structure but parts have broken or corroded making new forms.

Milan 2010: Viennese designers Mischer’Traxler presented a collection of bowls cast from vegetables in Milan last month