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Plastic retrieved from the sea to be made into bottles in pioneering recycling scheme | Ecover, the green cleaning brand, said on Thursday it will use plastic waste retrieved from the sea to create an entirely new type of sustainable and recyclable plastic bottle. The Belgian company is working with plastic manufacturer Logoplaste to combine plastic trawled from the sea with a plastic made from sugar cane (‘Plant-astic’) and recycled plastic, in what it is calling a

Welcome to the world of Hemp Plastic: With oil prices climbing, plastics manufacturers are looking to alternative sources of raw material that don’t rely on synthetics. Corn and hemp are some of the best sources of starch. They can produce biodegradable ‘plastic’ bags, cosmetic containers, mouldable products and other film and wrap products. Hemp Plastics can be 5 times stiffer & 2.5 times stronger than polypropylene.


Genuine Joe : Plastic Tablecover, 54"x108", 6/PK, Red -:- Sold as 2 Packs of - 6 - / - Total of 12 Each by Genuine Joe. $21.98. Genuine Joe : Plastic Tablecover, 54"x108", 6/PK, Red Rectangular tablecovers are designed to fit standard-size cafeteria and conference tables. Made of plastic.:Manufactured by.: Genuine Joe

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A little over a decade ago, plastics manufacturers ditched a chemical known as DEHP because it was identified as a probable carcinogen. DEHP was replaced with another series of phthalates and envir...


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A Swedish Biodegradable Earth-Friendly Plastics Manufacturer Is Looking Into Production Plastics in Iloilo City that are 80% Recyclable - Read More

AIM-listed materials company Versarien bought AAC Cyroma, a specialist plastic manufacturer, for about £1.4m to make the first dedicated graphene plastic manufacturing factory in the world.

Clear Plastic Compartment Serving Tray 12-inch by Maryland Plastics. $9.70. High Gloss finish.. Durable Rigid Plastic. Re-Usable/Disposable Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe. Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.. From extreme elegance to stylish practicality, Maryland Plastics offers a complete selection of single service plastic tableware, dinnerware, stemware, serveware, drinkware, plates, bowls, wine, champagne and cocktail glasses, tumblers, serving trays, bowls and platte...