Cartoon protesting Platt Amendment

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The Original Platt Amendment

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The Republic of Cuba (Spanish: República de Cuba) of 1902 to 1959, refers to the historical period in Cuba when Cuba seceded from US rule in 1902 in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War that took Cuba from Spanish rule in 1898 until the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Cuban independence from the United States was guaranteed in the Platt Amendment proposed to the United States Congress in 1901. It was officially a representative democracy though at times it became controlled by a military…

This Spanish American War Document Analysis Timeline is an incredible way to integrate CCSS strategies, cooperative learning, primary source analysis, and sequencing in your class! Students are provided a set of pictures, newspaper excepts, and other primary sources and must perform various tasks and match them to a timeline. Great for your US History class!

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Cuba Under the Platt Amendment, 1902-1934 (Reprint) (Paperback)

Photo of Senator Orville Platt of Connecticut who was responsible for much of the Platt amendment which was in fact overturned or repealed by FDR's Good Neighbor Policy...While the Platt amendment called for force and occupation the Good Neighbor policy called for cooperation and trade

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