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Play Poy

A great game to play in a large adult group. This game is perfect for the more sophisticated team. Great questions and a good game to play.


Photographer/Creator Gary Settle Collection 1969 Publisher New York Times Caption/Description Photographer says, 'All this sequence was made on one play, in which Chicago Bear star defense back Dick Butkus displays several facets of his intimidating manner.'

Photographer/Creator Rich Frishman Collection 1976 Publisher Pioneer Press Caption/Description Playing on a high school football team demands full-time determination, desire, and dedication. Lee Favorite plays end for the Indians, and during the course of a game he reflected much of the experience of high school football players everywhere. I sought to document how the game effected a single member of the team.

Photographer/Creator Gary Settle Collection 1967 Publisher Chicago Daily News Caption/Description Series of photographs taken of a football game being played in the mud and rain.