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Man plays Super Mario World with his nose! Using a recorder and a program called Audio Pad which translates sounds into controls, he plays SMB World.

Don't miss this one by sibogsabog #retrogaming #microhobbit (o) I prefer to play Super Mario World on SNES than PS4. I don't know why. Maybe because i already fixed it and reminds me back when the time i played this game while our house is not yet done :-D #snes #supermarioworld #supernintendo


I have very fond memories of spending hours and hours playing Super Mario World on our Super Nintendo as a child. When I was looking for p...

from Smithsonian

How Computers Learned to Play Nintendo

"Most people have an idea of what it looks like to play Super Mario," Togelius tells Pearson. "Humans do things like stop and think, which an AI would never do. The ability to compare with yourself is very powerful." Super Mario World is a great test for artificial intelligence

Okay--this is now on my list of what I want to be able to play when I get my bagpipes! Mario Rides a Unicycle in Portland while playing Super Mario World on Bagpipes - The Unipiper