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Elevens Card Game

Elevens Card Game-Get out a deck of cards and practice finding sums of 11 in this one-player math game! You'll lay out nine cards, then try to find sets of cards that add up to 11.

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Prime Numbers Game: deal cards to 2-4 players -> each player flips first card in their stack -> players look at all stacks-> first player to slap stack that contains prime # gets all cards in that stack. could use this for spotting factors of given number as well.

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This is a very fun and engaging adaptation to the traditional dice game of Farkle! This game reinforces the concept of subtraction with regrouping (and without). You will need 6 regular dice to play this multi-player game. Students roll all dice, decide which point-earning dice to keep aside and keep rolling.

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Flip Ten game with Uno cards. Line up cards in 4 rows of 5. Flip two cards over. If the sum of the two cards equals 10, the player gets to keep the cards. Great idea for small group math.

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Multiplication War - after multiplying, player with larger quotient collect both dominoes---or do with addition, or make two digit numbers

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Monopoly is a game familiar to everyone around the world but this version has teachers super excited. This version uses Math strategies to take you around the board. This game is aimed at 7+ years…

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Practicing number combinations with dice and dominoes. On the Keep 'Em Buzzy Blog Hop.

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HUGE Collection of the BEST Math Card Games

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