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hahaha. "it was good to laugh with you again". get the fuck outta here. #loserrrr ....I call it how I see 'em, wish I never met ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

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Dear Players: Go ahead and play your deceitful little games - lying and manipulating women to get laid - because that's the only way you can get them interested. Maybe you'll have a different perspective when you're wiping the tears off your daughter's face...because she dated a man like you. ~ Charles J. Orlando

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You'd be surprised how many other women men are saying the exact same thing to. They cant even be original. Even in their text. They just copy and paste the same thing to everyone! Let em get caught tho and they act like your the one who did something wrong! Jerks! SMH!

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An FYI: Youre all auditioning! Hes using you. None of you are special, unique or sacred. Nothing he says to you is genuine, special or rare..Hes saying everything to you he did to me! Dont waste your beautiful heart on such a careless man who knows how to use your own psychology against you. He plays a smooth lie. Thats all he knows.

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You said you didn't want to be anything more than friends so when I started dating people who wanted more, you got jealous & pissed off. Oh shucks....don't play with fire then sweetheart if you don't want to get burned.

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You’re just somebody that I used to know (30 photos)

It truly sucks when this happens. But welcome to highschool. Welcome to life. Now, brush yourself off and learn from the past idiots so you can understand to wait

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