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Dogs are man's best friend. With the length of time that they've shared with humans, some dog breeds now mimic human personalities. Unknown to most, dogs have more wonderful attributes that go beyond loyalty. All these characteristics can either make them a good protector, companion, playmate, hunter, or just a plain best friend. Take the quiz and find out which is best for you!

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* * Play like there's nobody's watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Meow like nodody's listening, And live like it's Heaven on earth.


5 breeds of dogs that are good with cats Beagle This small scent hound was originally bred to be a hunter but beagles do amazingly well with cats. While they will usually chase cats while out in the yard they treat cats gently inside the house and will snuggle up contentedly with any cat that shares their living space. Boxer This great dog breed will more likely wrestle with your cat than try to do her any damage. However most boxers are strong and lively so they need a tough cat to play…


German Shorthair puppy. This will be the first dog I buy. Been obsessed with them forever


Hunter is a very special cat who needed a special home. Hunter needed corrective surgery on his eye because his eyelid and sclera were connected to his cornea. He now has a corneal scar that will be there forever. Fortunately, he still has vision in his eye, but it will need to be monitored and checked regularly. After Tracy saw Hunter's Facebook picture, she knew he would be a great playmate for her 2-year-old cat named Trooper! #HappyTail