These festivities can be great fun, but expenses can also easily add up. Here's some frugal ways to throw a more affordable bachelorette party.

4 Ways to Save on a Bachelorette Party

Fun candy table for a bachelorette party. Decorates the cake table well.Contact me today to book your Girls Night In/Bachelorette Party, place an order or become a consultant:

Bridal Shower Sexy Toy Party Invitation by ReigningParties

Bridal Shower Sexy Toy Party Invitation - Wedding Shower - Naughty Party - Adult Pajama Party MATURE

NEED A BREAK? CALL THE GIRLS FOR A PAJAMA PARTY COMPLETE WITH ALL YOUR  FAVORITE GUILTY PLEASURES!  Photography: Arden Ward, Arden Photography  You’ve shuttled the kids, cleaned up after the new puppy, crammed for a  test, put up with some real pain in the neck at work, and/or got your heart  stomped on yet again. Your whole attitude needs an overhaul. There’s  nothing better than a night with the girls to kick back, relax, and talk it  over. Instead of going out on the town, why not stay…


Pretty pink adult punch. I like this. Maybe a version without alcohol for me & one with for those that need a little more by the end of all the family at the party.

Moscato Strawberry Lemonade Mrsdickwalker- made a double batch of this for bridal shower. Light and refreshing. I used regular pink moscato instead of sparkling and upped the vodka by cup. Used Koolaid brand lemonade.

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Hen party antics made from Playdo! We love Penis! Who can make the best the fastest!