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Plural Nouns List

FREE Practice pages for nouns, pronouns, plural nouns, and possessive nouns. Two word lists are also included.... Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)


Irregular Verbs, great for students to make connection between words on left with words on right. Great if used a couple of times, don't let it just take up wall space. Maybe better used temporarily, but great idea. 0358.


Here's a simple way to practice plurals with your kids that costs only cents. What you will need: 1. Sentence strips 2. Markers 3. List of nouns that follow the rules. What you do: 1. Write the noun on the sentence strip. 2. Fold the right hand corner to cover up whatever gets taken away on the reform of the word. 3. Write the new ending that makes the word plural