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An addition strategy for kids. "Adding doubles plus or minus 1" strategy worksheet. Questions like 8 + 7 and 11+12 could be easily answered using the doubles plus or minus one strategy.

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Addition and Subtraction Cut Sort Pastes (Choosing an Operation)

Add or Subtract? Cut and Pastes where students choose an operation (plus or minus symbol) to make each problem correct

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Plus or Minus 1 or 10 Game - A Tutoring Activity

This book is the perfect book for October, not only is it a Halloween book but the underlying theme is bullying, which we all know that O...

Winter Math and Literacy No-Prep {First Grade}

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JOJO POST STAR GATES: Results from the first 3 Paracas skulls tested, released on June 14 2012 have given us C-14 (carbon 14) dates of approximately 2300 years of age for all three skulls, plus or minus 30 years. This confirms that the skulls are ancient, and that these people existed as a genetically distinct group. The Nazca people, famous for having made the Nazca Lines moved into the Paracas area at approximately 100 AD.

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For use with real candy corn or manipulatives! Aligned with the Common Core standard 1.OA.1 I used this activity during whole group. I had the students determine if the problem was addition or take away. We put a plus or minus sign in the box. Then they had to determine what the equation was. Then we used the candy corn as manipulatives to solve the problem. Clip art from <a href="http://http//">Cara Taylor</a>

The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two - Wikipedia

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Plus or Minus 1 or 10 Game - A Tutoring Activity

These 2 games will have students practicing their plus or minus 1 skills or their plus or minus 10 skills. Students will draw a number card and then spin the

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Make essays easy to organize for your students! This is the counterpart to my free 5 plus or minus Essay Map blank template that explains what shou...

Intro to math radicals explaining when to include a plus or minus in a square root problem.