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Building Cabinets With Pocket Screws

Pocket screws let you assemble perfect, indestructible cabinet joints without expensive woodworking tools or complicated jigs—a huge leap forward for beginning woodworkers.


How to Use Pocket Screws

How to Use Pocket Screws | Even a novice can build nice cabinets. Make tight, strong wood joints quickly and easily with pockets screws. No clamps, no dowels. We show you how to do it in two steps. By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine


How to Use Drywall Screws for Pocket Screws

Pocket screws are used with a boring machine that drills holes slanting horizontally through the face of wood. The "pocket" is the hole where the screw head fits. Normally, pocket screws have a small head to fit down inside the hole, but you can use drywall screws if you take a minute to size the end of the hole with a drill. You can adapt any...


Easiest Way to Fix a Stripped Pocket Hole [VIDEO]

Over tightening pocket screws or removing a pocket screw and then trying to reattach it can strip the pocket hole. This is the easiest way to fix a stripped pocket hole!