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"Come on, Stark. That's pocket change to you." "How about a new tac suit?" "Dude come on." "Even better, a weekend trip for you and Borky. All expenses paid." "How about just 20 mil and we'll call it even." ">.>"


Wade-Davis Bill (1864). At the end of the Civil War, this bill created a framework for Reconstruction and the readmittance of the Confederate states to the Union. Congress passed the Wade-Davis Bill, but President Lincoln chose not to sign it, killing the bill with a pocket veto. Lincoln continued to advocate tolerance and speed in plans for the reconstruction of the Union in opposition to the Congress.


if i die young, bury me in ravioli, lay me down in a bed of ravioli, sink me in ravioli, at dawn, send me away with the words of a recipe for ravioli


"I promise to veto any bill that touches Obamacare in any way." ~ B.H. Obama... but he still blames the republicans. Ya ... blaming others for his faults, mistakes, and screw-ups is his modus operandi (MO).


Christie’s ‘Pocket Veto’ Kills Bill Requiring Health Workers to Get Flu Shots - NJ Spotlight


Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations "Falling Leaves" Fall, Autumn or Thanksgiving Printable Templates Make Your Own Invitations You Print

This DIY pocket card invitation set will have your family and friends feeling they are in the midst of an autumn day. Invitations, directions,


Obama's pocket veto on shaky legal ground, experts say

Obama uses a controversial -- and some say unconstitutional -- tool called the "protective return pocket veto."

Just read that Christie pocket vetoed this. With a pocket veto, he only had to wait 10 days and not sign it. The bill died. Had he vetoed it, he would have had to give a reason. With a pocket veto, he doesn't have to explain a thing.....


"Everything we do says something about who we are, so we’re very conscious about purchases." The power of the purse. A new form of pocket veto.