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"It breaks your heart to know her mirror is how she estimates her worth and not the lives she's made much better by simply being on this earth" -Erin Hanson

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Fuse, come together, as one. You feel my breath on the back of your neck, can you hear me? Do you remember?

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Accountings of the Attacks received on U.S.A. soil "911" ~ Not forgotten always in our hearts ~

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I'm falling apart on the inside and I can't put me back together

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Working on it

If you cannot be a poet, be the poem. — "Holding On and Letting Go" April 20th. My...

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M e r r e l W e s t h o f f on Instagram: “I just received this little book full…

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“The Opposite of Grief” || Written by Akif Kichloo *It’s official, my book, The Feeling May Remain is out worldwide now with free worldwide shipping: Get your signed copy here. Also available on Amazon (US, UK, India, Canada, EU), Barnes & Noble(US),...

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Jęssica Lanę on

I love this. The first time I had my heart broken my Mom gave me an old newspaper clipping of this poem.

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I love the way its described, thanks for putting smile on my face, its such a beautiful analogy

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Making Your Love Work Love Quotes

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The Raven by Poe Book Scarf

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Running away

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"there is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask 'what if i fall?' oh but my darling, what if you fly?" {erin hanson} via

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She was forever unexpected, and I was drunk on that about her. - Atticus

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emily ☼ ☾'s collection!

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