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from Gutsy By Nature

Comfort Food: 40+ AIP-Friendly Recipes

Is "comfort food" compatible with a healing diet like the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP)? I asked some of my blogger friends who create recipes that are compliant with the protocol for their perspective and got the resounding answer... YES! They buck the conventional wisdom that the nostalgic and sentimental dishes we consider comforting might be good for our psyche but never good for our health, and generously shared their favorite AIP-compliant comfort food recipes with me to prove the…


COMMON CORE IS DATA MINING ON STEROIDS!!! - ..In truth, the full effect of Common Core hasn't come to fruition. This is why so many people are unaware of its full potential. In just a few years time when things become implemented, people will recognize how evil Common Core is, and at that point, there will be no turning back once it has taken its full effect. There's a hidden agenda to Common Core protocol. Watch this video... Know what's coming before it gets here‼ [10/31/13]

from Business Insider

100 Books Everyone Should Read Before They Die

If you want to expand your way of thinking and your knowledge of the universe and take a look at the science of the world from a non-Christian point of view, READ THIS. It's totally stretching my mind.


It was great to read this & realize I'm not crazy & it was wrong to be treated that way. even if no one else saw or heard the abuse, it was still wrong..glad I'm out