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Homemade Poison Ivy Cure

This homemade poison ivy cure is made with three household ingredients. You'll get instant relief and your itching will stop!

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Poison Ivy Cream

poison ivy cream from wooden spoon herbs.

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DIY Poison Ivy Remedy

t, shady areas, and typically in pairs. It’s a very delicate plant, with thin leaves that look silver under water, a juicy stem, and shallow roots. In late summer, bright orange flowers appear and even later, each plant is covered in tiny seed pods that pop open, throwing their seeds everywhere when touched, which gives it it’s nickname – touch-me-nots. You can find it growing rampantly along creek banks and moist hillsid

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Homemade Poison Ivy Paste » Nature Moms

A recipe for a simple homemade poison ivy paste to help you relieve itchiness, pain, and infection caused by exposure to poison ivy.


Poison Ivy Remedy 1/4 cup purified water -any good clay (draws out toxins) -1/4 tsp. sea salt (antiseptic and preservative) -8 drops essential oil of lavender (a preservative) -4 drops essential oil of peppermint

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Homemade Natural & Calming Anti-Itch Cream

If you are a magnet for mosquitos and end up with itchy inflamed bites, this homemade calming anti-itch cream is for you! It also works well to relieve other common summertime skin ailments such as a mild poison ivy rash. Get the recipe at