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Poison Ivy On Skin

Frankincense Oil- Cancer, Skin Health, Depression, Wrinkles, Warts, Skin Tags, Age Spots, Eye Conditions, Stress, Anxiety, Poison Ivy, Hormonal Imbalances, Asthma, Alzheimers, Dementia, Arthritis.. Just a Few of the things Frankincense has been found to help with! Check out All Franked Up on Facebook and Twitter as well for info on Frankincense and other Essential Oils!

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40 Life-Changing Ways to Use Epsom Salt in Your Everyday Life

You only need around two tablespoons. It works great to reduce the pain of bee stings as well, and can be used on sunburn as well as poison ivy for a little bit of instant relief.

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Red Clover is great for minor skin irritations!

This would also be great for soothing sunburn skin, rashes like poison ivy and even boils. Great to have on hand for the Spring and Summer time for those trips to the park, foraging or when camping! The Homesteading Hippy


Healing ‘Boo-Boo’ Salve, a.k.a Homemade Natural Neosporin

Homemade Natural "Neosporin" - Boo-Boo Salve. This stuff is GREAT! Use on scrapes, cuts, eczema, diaper rash, dry skin, poison ivy, sunburn,...

How To Identify Poison Ivy | Survival Skills, Tips & Tricks by Pioneer Settler at
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How to Identify Poison Ivy Like A Boss

How To Identify Poison Ivy | Survival Skills, Tips & Tricks by Pioneer Settler at


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