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Remove Poison Ivy In 5 Steps: No Herbicides Required

Poison ivy and poison oak spread by seed and by their vigorous root systems. They arrive in your yard by birds eating the berries and depositing the seeds, and, less frequently, in loads of mulch. If you have wooded or neglected areas surrounding your property, you probably have poison ivy as a neighbor, and given time, it will creep into your yard. Here are 5 ways to beat this foe into submission:


Poison ivy in the garden or a tended living area is a real bummer. In this post, I outline an ecological 5-step plan for eradicating poison ivy.


Start with a gallon of white vinegar. The average vinegar is 5% acidic and will work,if you can find one that’s 10% - 20% mixture will be more potent. Pour vinegar in a pot; Heat on stove. Add 1 c. of salt. Stir til salt dissolves. Let cool. Add 2 T. liquid dish soap. Vinegar, when diluted with a gallon of water makes a good fertilizer for acid-loving plants like azaleas and blueberries. When mixed full strength with salt, it works like Round-Up. Soap helps mixture stick to leaves…

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The Best Proven Methods to Kill Poison Ivy Plants for Good

The Best Proven Methods to Kill Poison Ivy Plants for Good How To Remove Poison Ivy From Your Yard

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Salt & Dishwashing Liquid to Kill Poison Ivy & Oak