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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Move Z

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I have too much money too worry about not having enough for the important stuff

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Gladioln & Trainer Moon | BECAUSE WE'RE ALL LIKE "WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR HAND" AND SHE ACTUALLY ASKED | Pokemon Sun and Moon. Sunmoonshipping

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Lusamine Lillie and Gladion

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i did this way too many times

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Johto was the one I played over and over. Crystal was my favorite game. But, I can't deny Kanto is a classic.

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I actually lost to Hau once. He was all like "Aw man, good try though, that was fun!" or something and we just went on our merry way. I thought I'd have to try to beat him again. Guess not.

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drifloon are terrifying

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That was me when I was sitting on the throne XD

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