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Pokemon cards template

Pokemon seems to draw so much attention... How to build on it? I got my kids to draw their own. After several versions (trial and horrors: alignment was tricky!) I nailed down this template. Print several copies and let THEM do the cutting! (Regular scissors. I made them try zig-zag scissors... don't try it: doesn't work!) Get your kids making up their own! Make up their own names, values, designs and characters. Here is the template.

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Value Your Pokemon Cards

Want to sell your Pokémon cards? Or are you just curious what your collection is worth? Looking up individual card sales online is often the best way to find a reasonable price, but find out which ones are worth your time before you start ...

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First Edition Pokemon Cards + Value of your cards

My Geek at Heart hubby still has all his from when we were in middle school! time to see if we are sitting on a jack-pot (though I am not sure he would agree to sell lol)

from Teachers Pay Teachers

NEW Pokemon GO Math Task Cards (4th-6th)

Have you noticed people catching Pokmon lately? I just caught Pikachu! These Pokmon GO inspired math task cards are full of math problems related to the game. Included are a variety of word problems where students will solve or write short answers. Students will use the four operations, fractions, decimals, coordinate graphing, place value, conversions, time, and more!


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