If you have Pokemon fans at home this hands-on activity is for you! Make and hatch Pokemon eggs using simple kitchen supplies and learn some science in the process. This is the perfect STEM activity for Pokemon fans everywhere!

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Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: Egg Hatching Chart Hatching eggs in Pokemon Go is like your birthday or Christmas. Its a package with a great surprise within in it (most of the time). The basics are you put your egg in an incubator and you walk run or bike (just keep it under 15 mph) and you can hatch it. The different distance you have to go are 2 5 10km to hatch them. Obviously the further you have to go the more rare your Pokemon will be and it was a guessing game but here am I to help take…

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Pokemon Egg Hatching Bath Bomb! by NaturalNala on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/468384342/pokemon-egg-hatching-bath-bomb

You Need These Pokémon Egg Plush Dolls Since I call myself a pokemon breeder I suppose these would be relevant

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Pokemon Moon Part 15 THE EGG HATCHED! Gameplay Walkthrough ( Pokemon Sun...

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