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Here’s a progress photo of Flareon. It was my first time doing a red/orange galaxy. After this commission I’m definitely going to experiment with different Galaxy techniques and improve my style a bit. But I hope you guys like it so far! I was going...

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Siempre me han gustado todas sus evoluciones, no importa que no tenga movimientos:3

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Flareon - I just realized that it is the perfect size to be an iPhone wallpaper. This is perfect.

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Flareon reaching for the door. (Seems like he needs to get to the wc. Really fast. Haha xD )

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Gotta Catch 'Em All! Except Flareon, cuz it sucks............. <----especially Flareon!! Cuz it's awesome

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Flareon. Don't forget to like this Pokemon Facebook page for more cool Pokemon content:

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Which Eeveelution Are You Most Suited To Train?

I got: Flareon! Which Eeveelution are you Most Suited To Train? He was my favourite before I did the test.

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Smoke||female||head of royal gaurd||fire kingdom||strong||loyal||adores Flower||calm in bad situations||leavel headed||pretty||happy||mate•none||crush•none||

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