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pixalry: Pokemon Types Poster Series: Part 1 - Created by Timmy Burrows Available for sale at his Society6 Shop. You can check out Part 2 here.

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Pokémon - This is a theoretical flying type evolution for Eevee. I wanna see something with wings though, so it can actually use HM Fly. Still though, it's cute!

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Fantastic Fakemon : Custrel —> Fesprey —> Aukite Flying, Flying, Flying / Steel Artist: Kydeka

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I'm an...Ice and Ghost type! Cool! Like froslass? Oh gosh im not going to be frozen in a snowy mountain now am I?

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Aww this is cute. Electric type Pokemon. The Raichu is like, "I've seen things. Terrible things." Lol.

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Eevee –> Brezeon Evolves from a female Eevee with the Dawn Stone. Flying Source. Artist: Rueme

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