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Pokemon Tyrantrum-EX Box, Multicolor

What Pokemon has more teeth than a chainsaw convention and can bite its way through steel bars? Tyrantrum-EX, of course, the toothiest Dragon-type Pokemon this side of

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One of the new Fossil Pokemon featured in Pokemon X and Y. XD After so many years, my childhood dreams have come true! A Tyrannosaurus rex Pokemon from Fossil FTW! XD

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What If Cross Breeding Made Pokémon Look Different? ... I should make a Pokémon board.

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Pokemon X & Y Promo Single Card Rare Holo Tyrantrum-EX XY70 Pokemon Center

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darksilvania: Tyrantrum Crossbreed Is it too late to post this? I mean, I did mine when everyone was doing so, but I just got a new scanner to work This is my pokemon crossbreed, I made it almost inmediatly after watching jurassic world, so I kinda had the dinosaur hype flowing trough me My favs are the Sharpedo(Charcharadontosaurus) and Krookodile(Suchomimus) Hope you like it

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If Tyrantrum were to get a Mega-Evolution, it would need some kind of boost that could either counteract or correct these two negatives. Description from I searched for this on

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Pokemon Tyrantrum-EX Box