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The Poland flag was officially adopted on August 1, 1919. Red and white have long been associated with Poland and its coat of arms. On the modern flag, white is said to represent the hope for peace by all of Poland's people, while red still recalls the symbolic reference to socialism from days gone by.

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15x15 - Country String Art - Poland (flag) - home decor - wall hanging


POLISH FLAG consist of two colours - red one which means endurance, gallantry, vigor and bravery and white which means peace and morality. These colours has an ancient association with Polish History.


The invasion of Poland by the military forces of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and a small German-allied Slovak contingent marked the beginning of World War II in Europe. British propaganda poster designed by Marek Żuławski, London 1939

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Learn About Polish Culture With These Great Photos

Polish Flag Day was established in 2004 and is observed on May 2. Though Poland's flag may be more widely flown on this day, it can always be seen at important government buildings like the Presidential Palace in Warsaw.


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