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Poland is the sixth largest economy in Europe and has enjoyed an average growth in their annual gross domestic product of 4.3% over the past decade. With a strong domestic market, low private debt and a flexible currency, Poland is the only European country to have avoided the financial recession in 2008.

New research commissioned by Ricoh reveals that European mid-sized businesses could be missing out on up to €5.7 million of annual revenues because of barriers that hinder their growth. With 75,000 mid-sized businesses across Europe*, the total missed potential revenue could amount to up to €433 billion – almost the same as the annual GDP of Poland.** [ ]

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Can Ashton Carter rein in a Pentagon out of control?

A Pentagon out of control Defense Department, which spends about $600 billion a year — more than the entire GDP of Poland — and employs 1.4 million men and women in uniform, 700,000 civilians and 700,000 full-time contractors. The Pentagon’s accounts are so vast and byzantine that it is probably impossible to do a thorough audit of them.

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The euro-zone recovery lost speed. Visit our interactive overview of GDP and jobs by country

At the end of World War II, the gray territories were transferred from Poland to the Soviet Union, and the pink territories from Germany to Poland

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At $500 billion, Apple is worth more than Poland

Apple's worth is now higher than gross domestic products of Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan.