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Poland Invasion

War and despair. In the wake of the German invasion of Poland a young boy whose home has been wrecked by a bomb sits on the ruins. His facial expression tells a story without words. (Photo by Julien Bryan via Wikipedia).


World War II Erupts: Color Photos From the Invasion of Poland, 1939

Adolf Hitler views victory parade in Warsaw after the German invasion of Poland, 1939.


01 Sep 39: Germany invades Poland. For most European countries, this day marks the beginning of World War II. More: #WWII


Sandomierz Town Hall Poland – a building raised shortly after the Lithuanian Invasion in 1349.Formerly Gothic, the town hall had a octagonal tower. The southern side (with the sundial), being the oldest was built at the turning point of the fourteenth and fifteenth-century.In the sixteenth century, the building was expanded, in the form of an extended rectangular structure, which was then top outed with an attic tripartite, constructed by Italian sculptor Jan Maria Padovano


The 'Monuments Men' changed history by returning art to the rightful owners. Military personnel, including two unidentified American GIs, admire one of Leonardo da Vinci s masterpieces, Lady with an Ermine, before its return to Cracow, Poland in this 1946 photo. The painting had been stolen by Nazi officers from the Czartoryski Museum in Kracow upon the German invasion in 1939


Krzyżtopór is a 16th C castle in the village of Ujazd, Poland. It was destroyed both during the Swedish invasion in 1655 and by the Russians in 1770.