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10+ Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids

Tent Pole Game Team Building Activities. Great Activity to do with older kids. Everyone in the group has to keep 2 fingers on the tent pole at all times. The goal is to bring the pole off the ground to a certain height without anyone taking their fingers off the pole. (Could go from a certain height then to the ground.) If someone's finger comes off, the group must re start.

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Fishing game for carnival birthday party. I am sure I could make something like this! wonder if instead of someone having to put the treat on, if you could use ziplocks with some kind of magnet....

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Pole Dancers React to Ending Sequence of Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10

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Pole Position

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The North Pole Arcade

Elf on the Shelf Ideas. The elves are playing "Merry Christmas the Game" at the North Pole Arcade. To view more pins like this one, search for Pinterest user amywelsh18.

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