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disturbing case of animal cruelty involving dog that'd been shot, left tied to railroad tracks with belt !! - shot multiple times - neck & shoulder, then tethered injured dog to train tracks in Sulphur Springs area - thanks to intervention of the Tampa Police Department, now stabilized at Veterinary Emergency Center, but will need to have one wounded leg amputated; anyone with information is asked to phone - hero Senior Sergeant R Mills - a mega star

Doberman Pinscher Dobermans are working dogs and thrive on training and exercise. Because of their intellect and sense of smell, Doberman Pinschers are frequently used by police department personnel to sniff out criminal suspects.


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Bomb-Proofing Tips from Mounted Police Officers~All riders can benefit from the techniques police departments use to train their horses to stay calm in challenging situations.

from BuzzFeed

When Detectives Dismiss Rape Reports Before Investigating Them

Across the country, some police departments claim a vast number of rape reports are false. A BuzzFeed News investigation into a year of “unfounded” rapes in Baltimore County reveals that detectives often don’t investigate them at all — even when the man had been arrested for rape before.