Like Kilkenny, representives of both the Humboldt County Public Library and the Humboldt State Library said that their venues would not have been adequate for Palmquist’s massive collection, and he did not raise the issue of sharing any of it with them.

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A four-car accident, marijuana possession and identity theft make up this week's Wilton police log.

Police Log: Drugged Driving, Texting, and More. The following is from the Weymouth Police Log. Where arrests and charges are mentioned, they do not imply conviciton.

In full: Police log detailing Andrew Mitchell's 'pleb' rant - Telegraph

POLICE LOG: Smashing Pumpkins Cause Damage - Woburn, MA Patch

This Confidential Police Log Shows How Cops Lost the Streets of London to Anarchists During the Poll Tax Riots | VICE | United States

Meet the guy behind the Forest Grove Police Log I post on here a lot.

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