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It's too bad this man feels he has to defend himself and the requirements of his job. Where would we be without police? Most are decent human beings--the vast majority. We need to weed out the few bad apples. Attacking police as a whole is not the way to go about that. Let's use our brains to do that, people. Appropriate change will not come about from emotionally-charged blame and rhetoric.

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Police Report – Fun, Creative Real-World Writing Task to Use with ANY Literature

Turn your kids into junior-police officers with this realistic-looking "offense/incident report." Great to use with homeschool literature or history lessons. Also, a great Scouting activity. Help your kids have fun while they practice their real-world writing skills. Just $1!

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Murders in rural Mississippi: Civil Rights tragedies l

"No single racial community can effect change by itself. Street violence won’t end by equipping the police with cameras and teaching them new techniques for working in high crime areas. The power of collective memory is such that it requires new and creative ways to narrow the divide between black and white communities." Image: FBI Poster of Missing Civil Rights Workers Public domain via Wikimedia Commons


Let's Pretend: Police Station

Let's Pretend: Police Station ~ Creative Family Fun -- This could be done at den meeting our pack more for any of the police safety/ good citizen related requirements.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Police Report – Fun, Creative Real-World Writing Task to Use with ANY Literature

Add a little fun to your current novel study by turning your students into police officers. This official-looking offense/incident report requires students to collect details from their reading and use real-world writing skills to efficiently report the facts (just the facts, ma’am) of the scene you just read.


How to Prepare for the Police Physical Fitness Test

How To Prepare For The Police Physical Fitness Test | LIVESTRONG.COM


Officers already have to deal with a lot of bs and insubordinate teenagers should be the least of them. Their constitutional rights are limited to those extended to the parent, who has a responsibility of teaching their kids to be good citizens. They are putting the kids at risk for imaginary slights.


The Arkansas police academy requirements are designed to limit police candidates to the best. Below is a list of all the requirements. Academy Training Subjects taught include search and seizure, criminal law, patrol procedures, police community relations and first aid, firearms, defensive tactics and physical fitness.  A recruit must successfully complete all training requirements of …