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polish national anthem - YouTube (not my favorite nation, just my favorite anthem- probably the most singable, dancable one in the world)

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W Polsce obchodzimy Święto Niepodległości. Iluminacja Kancelarii Prezesa Rady Ministrów.

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Polish parade turns into riot in unwelcome Independence Day trend

Polish independence day was marked by violence on Tuesday, in what has recently become an unwelcome annual occurrence.

November 11th is Polish Independence Day and it is the second national holiday in Poland-the first one is Constitution Day celebrated on May 3rd. November 11th is the day that Poland regained its freedom after 123 years of partition by its powerful neighbors, the superpowers of the time: Russia, Prussia, and Austria.

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Haitian Revolution, 1791--Where Rousseau family plantations were destroyed and 6th G-Grandparents were killed by their slaves. 5th G-Grandfather escaped island before the revolution, tipped off by a family slave.

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Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły, the military dictator of Poland, shaking hands with Bogislav von Studnitz, the German military attache in Warsaw, at the 1938 Polish Independence Day Parade. Poland was initially a de facto ally of Nazi Germany and Fascist Hungary in the 1938 Partition of Czechoslovakia, but because of eventual territorial disputes on the Baltic Sea coastline, Poland and Germany would be at war against each other in less than a year later in 1939.

Polish Independence Day 2016 Święto Niepodległości - Polska Bastionem Europy - Marsz Niepodległości - YouTube

Far-right nationalists congregate on Polish Independence day