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Polish vodka brand Wyborowa has just launched a collection of unusual flavors ‘Oddka’—that includes a fiery wasabi-flavored vodka. Inspired by the stealthy skills of the Japanese ninja, the intensely-hot taste of the famous green horse radish condiment is supposed to “creep up on your taste buds”.

Another rooftop summer hangout is revealed in East London as Polish Vodka brand ‘Zubrowka’ open their ‘enchanted woodland’ inspired bar in Peckham. What’s more to celebrate, they’re teaming up with the Rooftop Film Club to screen some seriously good films while we chill in their forest | Until 31st September | http://www.urbanjunkies.com/london/agenda/13704/%EF%BF%BCzubrowka-woodland-bar/

[WHY] Fris, organic, vernieuwend [WHAT] Zubrowka, Polish Vodka with a herb/organic flavour due to the use of Bison gras within each bottle. Graphic design inspired by the unique bold shaped footprints Bison's leave through the dirt. [BRON] Student Jacqui Norman, via www.thedieline.com/

The Polish vodka brand Ultimat Vodka made a video of their afternoon guerrilla campaign in Chicago and New York. A guy in business suit poses as window washer and invites white-collar office drones to have a drink. Watch the video 'Stop working, start drinking'.

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