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Political Ideology Quiz

Discovering Your Political Ideology Lesson

This is a fantastic, interactive lesson on the American political spectrum and helping your students to identify their political ideology. Includes a worksheet to help students to understand their political roots, a 34 question quiz to help students determine where on the political spectrum they would fall and an essay topic is included for students to explain their personal political ideology.


Income Upshot | --- Plug in your annual household income & your zipcode, & find out typical info for your peers, e.g., pets, cars, homes... Interesting.

Political Spectrum Quiz (Liberal v Conservative) (CIVICS)

Political Spectrum Quiz (Liberal v Conservative) (CIVICS) At the end of this activity students will know where they fall on the political spectrum - liberal or


Youth Leadership Initiative is an excellent website for lesson plans, activities and resources for teaching government and civics.


I was curious to see what this little test would give me in terms of political views, and I don't know how accurate it is. My result was that I am liberal. What I want to know is if there is any correlation between my personality type and my political views.