Secret Military Spending: The US Is Doing It | Political Job Approval Ratings & Public Opinion Polls by YOU!

Top 5 Reasons People Leave Jobs. Employee Exit surveys also state that compensation is a key factor, along with a lack of learning opportunities...

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Women rise up. You can see it all over the WORLD today! #bravebodylove . @Regrann from @refinery29 - We march with women past present and future. We march for a vote and a voice. We march because we dont just talk about rights we take them. We march because we can do it! To close the gap. For the soul of our nation. To own our bodies. We march to right the wrong. We march because were bossy bitches. Because man if you feel like a woman you are one. Because we mean business. We march for…

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A thousand times this guy breaking open the smug privilege of those who mock fast food (and other low wage) jobs. Well done!

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Corporations have infiltrated our government, & what positions they haven't taken, they have bought & own those elected to represent YOU. You will be able to easily identify these culprits when greed is their main focus or when you follow the money trails...

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