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Screw Them! Trump recently informed Mitch McConnell about his plan for term limits in Congress. McConnel replied that "it wasn't on the agenda" and that was that! Congress has no reason to work for common cirizens. Trump will not change that!

from Fox News

Clinton ally helped fund campaign of key FBI official’s wife

A top Clinton ally’s political organization gave nearly a half-million dollars to the campaign of the wife of an FBI official who would go on to help oversee the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email practices – a tangled web that is fueling fresh Republican complaints about the investigation.


Anybody that does not believe this of Nazi Germany needs to research this topic!!


My response to everyone telling me how I'm going to hell for how terrible I am.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Political Parties Interactive Notebook


POLITY (n.) /pa-le-te/ something such as a country or state that has a government; a politically organized unit, a form of government FULL DEFINITION: 1. political organization 2. a specific form of political organization 3. a politically organized unit 4. the form or contribution of a politically organized unit; the form of government or a religious denomination