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liberalpropagandagroup: “ In other words, the sole political strategy of the GOP… Conservatives have absolutely no ground once facts and logic are involved so they must find another way to win. -Eli ”

Popular Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings left some of his own supporters scratching their heads today when he announced on CNN that he’s been briefed on classified information that’s so dire, members of the public would fully understand why so many Congressmen are boycotting Donald Trump’s inauguration if they also knew the information. Some saw it as taunting; I know something you don’t know. But Cummings is employing a specific political strategy here, aimed at getting that…

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Column: Trump's rise is white rage veiled as political strategy | PBS NewsHour

Donald Trump’s warnings of a rigged election echo a longtime Republican emphasis on voting fraud — one that experts call misguided.

That's science for ya.

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You just might be a Republican. And not just federal land but a federally protected habitat of an endangered animal.

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Fox News Uses Racist Code Words To Attack Obama and Susan Rice. Fox News isn’t a racist network. It is doing something even more insidious. They are intentionally manipulating racial tensions as a political strategy. In an attempt to create a scandal where none exists, Fox News is despicably fanning the flames of racism.

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