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from Rolling Stone

Three New Ways the Koch Brothers Are Screwing America

Paul Krugman explains the dynamics of growing wealth inequality and how it impacts the greater good of society.


The current political systems stink! Humanity desperately needs to change from a global capitalist "Greed is Good" at any cost system to an "Ethical, Sustainable Good for Society & the Planet" system. NO MORE GREED!


PP:Political correctness police will jump to label this "racism", but it isn't. If I move to any other country, then expect to start working their political system to change their country so it's more like the one I left, that not only is ridiculous and pious, but it shows a hatred for the new host country I have moved to.


I believe that political system never give choice to us, its just fake choice which calls "Ideology"


Our political system is corrupt. Big money controls much of what happens. Together, you and this campaign are changing that. #FeeltheBERN #Women4Bernie


Small part of an infographic about the political system in Iceland #illustration #ilustração #Simplycooldesign #vector #desenho #dribbble #infographic #artwork #flatdesign #digitalart #visforvector #graphicdesigncentral

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GARY KAH Exposed CD Set THE ANTI-CHRIST's Economic Religious Political System


The Guardian view on Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment: the political system should be on trial, not one woman | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian

from The New Yorker

Reforming Ukraine After the Revolutions

Two muckraking journalists had contempt for Ukraine’s corrupt political system…