So True President; You Set A Great Example For People To Follow. Thank You And Mrs. Carter For Your Work For Humanity.

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I'd say you're a wise man... Politics are tearing this country apart. At the end of the day they're all Buddies.. As the country is fighting one another about Democrats vs. Republicans... They do belong to the same bird...

....and brainwashed from their earliest years into believing the "New World Order" (Socialism) is the way to live and nonsense such as man-made global change is real.....and they won't question it until something can break through that shell of sad.... :-(

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If you really think the economy is more important that the environment, try holding your breath whilst you count your money.

Ever since the introduction of political correctness, our tendency to avoid the truth via coating everything with sugar has made society more and more intolerant. How very very sad for us and for future generations.

I have not made my mind up on who I'm voting for in November for president. The only real choice is Bernie Sanders, but as of yet he is off the table, thanks to our corrupt government system! Jill Stein is the only good choice left, but 3rd party candidates never make it. I'm waiting until Nov to decide. Meanwhile, I'm endorsing all Bernie's picks for the House & Senate and will be donating to & voting for them for SURE!

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