Pollution problem

Disturbing infographic shows how plastic is clogging our oceans : TreeHugger

A Chinese couple takes gas mask wedding photos in smoggy weather, Beijing, China - 25 Feb 2014. - It’s believed the pair took the shots to raise awareness of the city’s poor air quality which has grounded planes and closed roads. Chinese scientists have warned the country’s toxic air pollution is now so bad that it’s slowing photosynthesis in plants — and potentially wreaking havoc on the country’s food supply. *more pics in article.

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Air pollution and coal consumption - China (useful information on PM2.5 - what it means for your health)
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The Oceans' Plastic Pollution Problem Is Far Worse Than We Thought, and Here's Why | TakePart

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Republican politicians seem to be convinced that any regulations limiting a large corporations polluting of the air and water would put an undue burden on business. This is why companies like Koch Industries bribes republicans so much...but who pays, we do !

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How Deadly Is China's Pollution Problem? This short video sums up China's pollution problems.

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Australian company all set to find answers to India’s air pollution problem

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