How to Tell if a Relationship is Karmic, Soulmate or Twin Flame. - We all desire to not just fall in love—but to be part of that “once in a lifetime” type of love story. -

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When does a relationship become serious? Is it when you say those first monumental I love yous? When y'all decide to become exclusive (if you're not polyamorous)? When you move in together? Maybe it's when you hit your one-year anniversary, or the fi

Find it scary to think about getting your feet wet in the dating pool after divorce? The polyamorous lifestyle is gaining public cred as a way to seize the best aspects of relationships while ditching the worst. Think you could do it? Would you even want to?

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“Polyamory doesn’t permit the ability to “cheat” on a partner at any time, as cheating implies deceit or dishonesty. If anyone involved isn’t fully informed of and consenting to the existence of the other participants, then it’s not truly a polyamorous relationship.” — Consensual, ethical, and responsible - polyamory

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