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Natural Palm-Free Simple Soap: 12 oz (340g) of cold, clean water 120g of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) beads or pearls 1lb (454g) olive oil (preferably pomace grade but virgin or extra virgin will do) 10oz (284g) coconut oil (hard variety) 6oz (170g) shea butter 1/4 tsp Grapefruit seed extract OR vitamin E (optional preservative).


How to make Handmade Soap - a four-part easy to follow series that includes information on ingredients, equipment & safety, basic soap recipes and creating your own, and finally, the soap making process


Cooking Q&A: Regular Olive Oil vs. Extra-Virgin?

Cooking Q&A: Regular Olive Oil vs. Extra-Virgin? Image: Jar and bowl of olive oil with herbs. Extra-virgin olive oil is typically produced from the first pressing of olives -- making it the most pure and least acidic, and the best tasting. Virgin olive oil isn't blended with other oils but has a higher acidity. It's perfect for garnishing. Pure olive oil or olive oil is a blend of refined pomace oil and virgin olive oil and is best suited for frying and cooking.


Opus Shampoo Bar – 3 lb. batch, superfatted at 5% Water – 517 g (Lisa uses half beer, half aloe juice) Lye – 192 g Coconut Oil – 382 g Olive Oil Pomace – 408 g Castor Oil – 63 g Lard – 340 g Shea Butter – 42 g Cocoa Butter – 25 g Rice Bran Oil – 123 g


Soap Recipe - This recipe has often been requested on the Latherings Forum and the feedback from folks who've made it has been great! Sherry has agreed to share it here for anyone who would like to make it. It will not be as large a batch as the rest posted on this site, so adjust for fewer bars/smaller mold.


Natural Calendula Soap Recipe Makes a 454g/1 lb batch – approx. 4-5 bars. 5% Superfatted 120g (4.23oz*) boiling Water 64g (2.25oz) Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) 1 tsp (1g / 0.04oz) dried Calendula petals (2tsp if using fresh petals) 112g (3.9oz) Coconut oil 164g (5.78oz) Olive oil Pomace 82g (2.9oz) Tallow OR Palm Oil 78g (2.75oz) Sunflower oil 19g (0.67oz) Shea Butter 6 drops Antioxidant – High IU Vitamin E oil or Grapefruit Seed Extract


4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pomace Olive Oil

Watch a cooking show and chances are there that you’ll find the chef using olive oil to do all his cooking! Olive oil is everywhere today!


Carrot Calendula Soap Yield: 2 lbs (21 oz oils) 13.7 oz olive oil (pomace) 4 oz calendula infused oil 4.2 oz coconut oil 2.1 oz castor oil 5.98 oz water w/1 tsp fine sea salt dissolved into it (this has been discounted by 2 oz b/c of carrot puree) 2.829 oz lye 2 oz carrot puree (I used baby food) Calendula petals, sprinkled on top