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Pond Algae

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Controlling Algae – Tips For The Control Of Algae In Ponds And Aquariums

Pond And Aquarium Algae Removal: How To Get Rid Of Algae - One of the biggest problems faced by people who maintain aquatic environments is algae. Algae control for aquariums is different from methods used for ponds, but regardless, tips from this article will help.

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Keeping Pond Water Clear the Natural Way

During the summer, algae growth can be a huge problem in garden ponds. The great news is that there is an easy way to keep pond water clear without using expensive chemicals. Here's how.

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How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide in Fish Ponds

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How to Remove & Prevent Algae in a Pond

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The Top 5 Technologies That Will Save Us from Climate Change


Comet Goldfish The absolute best part of having comet fish is that they not only lend colorful interest to your pond but if you are not experienced in handling pond fish, these are great fish to place in the pond. They are very "forgiving" in terms of pond conditions, enduring variations in temperature and water quality. The comet also eats mosquitoes and pond algae, and can live as long as 14 years.